brandy nicole easter

I want to save EVERYTHING

Eight things I want to say

I really do try to save anything I can. I found some fushcia and gold streamers in the road which became a really shiny cat toy.

In case you didn't know, I love cats. When I was around four years old my aunt told me not to pet her kitty because he did not like kids, so I waited until she was asleep to pet him. Next thing I knew there was blood dripping down my face from a kitty scratch but I still wanted to pet him.

My favourite discovery since I started to learn how to code is that the design process creates no waste.

When I was a kid I used to wear my shoes to bed and told my Dad it was because they needed to sleep too.

I only eat plants.

In an average week I cycle about 60 miles or more.

I think mushrooms are fascinating. They are nutricious, come in a variety of cool colours and shapes, and can be used in mycoremediation

I live in Japan.

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